Coaching and Supervision


We offer the implementation of coaching sessions tailored to your needs. In addition to traditional, well-recognized formats of business coaching, personal development coaching and life coaching, we have many years of experience in conducting specialized forms of counseling and coaching intervention in the area of social and educational activities, family coaching, and family and professional life coaching. We also have developed formulas for the use of professional coaching in initiating and supporting change processes, including the so-called succession coaching focused on multidimensional support of generational changes in family businesses.


We offer supervision sessions, which are carried out in individual and group formulas. We offer and conduct supervision for coaches, therapists, social workers, carers of the elderly. We work with a team of supervisors, allowing us to carry out complex and demanding orders throughout Poland.

The reason why it is worthwhile to take part in a supervision class / session is that the learning process is variable and dynamic. It takes place in the interaction between the supervised person and the supervisor (person or group). The supervision processes carried out during the classes are related to issues related to experiences, emotions and work. The supervisor also tries to find different points of view on issues important to the supervised person.

The consequence of supervision is broadening awareness, improving skills, developing own competences, and developing more effective working methods. Supervision also allows for:

  • tracing the course of one’s own activities, obtaining feedback;
  • understanding your own and customers’ reactions;
  • seeing limitations as a professional;
  • consulting the techniques and strategies used during the sessions and other activities;
  • working through difficult emotional states and tensions related to working with the client and one’s own role;