About company’s

Internationales Privatinstitut für Forschung und Netzwerkarbeit in Bildung, Beratung und Management in soziokulturellen Bereichen GmbH has experience in educational, advisory, consulting, coaching, research and implementation activities. Creates and develops cooperation networks at local, regional and international level. Builds quality management strategies for products and training processes based on the development of certification systems. He is involved in various aspects of education by conducting methodological consultations, counseling (including professional), study visits, and expert consultations. He is a participant in international activities in association with the Eichstaett University. Organizer of mobility activities and partner in Erasmus + projects. Since 2014, he has been organizing professional internships in Germany, has a database of institutions and companies cooperating in this field. Employs / cooperates with specialists (scientists and practitioners in the field of professional development and competence development).

Our company’s objectives

  • International research and development work in the fields of education, consulting and management in socio-cultural areas.
  • Promotion of international research collaborations.
  • Promotion of education and training in socio-cultural professions.
  • Network formation and mediation in education as well as in socio-cultural fields of action, institutional cooperations, including schools, universities, and further education institutions.
  • Promotion of “lifelong learning” in cooperation between educational institutions and various professional fields.
  • International student exchange.
  • Promotion of vocational training and further education.
  • Innovations in consulting and conceptual further development of short interventions, coaching, supervision, mediation and the like.
  • International certifications in areas of social work.